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Re: FULL IMMOBILITY how the "full mobility" clause will hurt NYC union carpenters
— by Robert Kwiecinski Robert Kwiecinski
Full Mobility is Doug Mccarons Idea not the contractors. Doug want's to show that he will play ball with the contractors if they will play ball with his idea of verticle contracts. Doug would like to supply all the trades on the projects at discounted wage and benefit packages. This is Doug's plan to eliminate the AFL-CIO and have all the trades under the carpenter logo. Doug right now is expanding the training center in vegas not to train carpenters but to train the other AFL-CIO trades which he will try to take over. This is carpenter money wasted on the traing facility to steal the work of the other trades. How do you like your money being spent on this  ? This spent dues money could be going to patch up floundering health, annuity and pension funds around the country. But Doug does'nt care about the rank and file carpenter, all he cares about is his master plan to raid other trades and put the AFL-CIO out of business. Doug Mccaron has plotted a long time with his boy George Bush and his republican anti-union pals to destroy all unions and have Douggy boy be the top dog of labor at the rank and files cost. And that cost is the destruction of labor unions and the middle class. So all you carpenters keep playing ball with Douggy and you will find yourselves broke with your ass on the street. It is time you all realized the only option out is to form a new rank and file union like the 1456 dockbuilders and buffalo carpenters. It's your future , time to save it.