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Re: 50-50% or 67-33% or 90%-10% EXCLUSIVE NYCDCC HIRING HALL
— by Ted Ted
Just say No to FULL MOBILITY! Time to toss the MOU's & Proposed Contracts in the trash where they belong.

NEWSFLASH - This is not the Contractors Union, it belongs to the members and not having a seat at the Table is an affront to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

Everyone need remember that although Thomassen was held in contempt by the Court for violations of the 50%-50% Rule, Judge Haight punished him by awarding him & the Contractor Association  and additional 17%.

Anyone not see a problem here with this asinine logic? How senile was this man? It's akin to your kid breaking their 10:00 pm curfew and you punishing them by saying - ok Bobby & Susie...and for punishment, now you can only stay out till Midnight? Your kid's would look at you like you had 10-heads, & go well, OK Dad if you say so & laugh their ass off on the way out the door, much like the Contractor Assoc. did on May 26, 2009.

NYCDCC is an Exclusive Hiring Hall and it should be 90% - 10%, no more, no less. Read all your PLA direct hiring on site right? All referrals must go through the what...the Hiring Hall ladies. Should the NYCDCC not be able to fill the request in 72-hours, then reversion of control of the specific decision can go to the Company. Somehow however, the DC will not have a problem in that regard

Now that the International is relived of this concern, they should focus on the issue with Amalagamated and re-evaluate that failed decision