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— by Ted Ted
A ton of case law says otherwise. I have read it, have you? Just as tradesman applied "lessons learned", so to do the attorneys, regarding what works and what does not work.

Subject matter jurisdiction brings this well within the purview of the R.O. and the Funds Attorneys. They have many legal angles at their ready disposal. It would appear that hostile take-overs by mobbed up parasites to get at the trust fund monies, which is ultimately what they are after would warrant such a review and subsequent application.

Prong 1 of the Consent Decree trumps Prong 2 of the Consent Decree. Accordingly, the democratic rights, the latter may just have to yield to the former. ERISA mandates a withdrawal liability, the cost of which far exceeds the 401(k) the mobsters seek to replace the defined benefit pension & annuity plans with sparking more issues relevant to the 10-year ERISA approved FIP's to ensure the Funds properly receive adequate revenue to fund at mandated levels above the 65% endangered fund status and the 80% critical status.

These few issues alone could generate years of litigation.

The reason this alleged attempt at reform "has got anyone's attention" is because it is akin to a Brink's Job or bank heist if your prefer, via electronic transfer of assets, from the now sterilized NYCDCC to unknown  & alleged mobbed up principles, players and crime syndicate associates, which by the chatter to date would more than likely include fiduciaries and accountants playing on their team, people who do not see faces or families or victims, but simply numbers.

Having a Carpenters Book does not necessarily make one a competent Journeyman Carpenter, same as phony certification or skills forms. The same holds for attorneys. Having a bar card to practice law, does not mean you are necessarily any good at the craft. So, in my analogy, you are comparing Journeyman to Scrappers & Helpers, yet schooled. Gotta go, the bells ringing