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Shape Hall vs. Furlough System
— by The Owls are Not What They Seem The Owls are Not What They Seem
All the opposition Candidates are abuzz with talk of a Modified Shape Hall. We had a shape hall before and it didn't work out. How can we be sure such modifications would be practical, or even possible under the consent decree?

Those pushing the Modified Shape Hall have set out the concept in vague terms, when actually the approval and implementing of such a option would require very specific legal language.

A furlough system, like what the Electricians have, with its pros and cons, might be preferable and more realistic.

The basic shape hall concept has already has failed in practice; a Modified Shape Hall would apparently be dependent on heavy-handed Government involvement, which the same Candidates are looking to reduce.

Perhaps some of the Candidates who have proposed the Modified Shape Hall, such as Bill Lebo, Mike Bilello, or Byron Schuler, and Greg Kelty can weigh in on this subject, and address the seeming inconsistency of their expectations

Though Dan Franco has not said, to my knowledge, whether he is for or against a Modified Shape Hall, his opinion on it, and/or whether a furlough system is viable would be appreciated.

I'm assuming that the Members Alliance slate is for the status quo, and won't condescend to address Members in this forum, but their perspective here would be, of course, also useful to consider, and a big surprise.    
No matter what, job referral is an important topic, worth more attention than a summury recitation of a few buzz-words.