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— by Ted Ted
Donny - I re-posted this because of its significance, as in - where we were then and where we are now. You got the ball rolling on this topic, so kudos. And everyone knows that was Conboy & McCarron's plan all along, ala the Harrington v. Chao suit in NERCC from the 1st Circuit.

This took a lot of voices and conversation and action on many members parts & the UBC & Conboy took this one on the chin when they expected zero opposition. Don't matter who starts it or who finishes it, whatever the issue. The point is - it's a collective effort and that's what a brotherhood is all about. The suits just don't get it and they never will.

Recognition of the issue is half the battle. You saw it, called them on it, everyone chimed in and Doug lost. Rememeber, while we're at work, the schemers are hard at work planning their next move & you have to stay one step ahead of them and always be vigilant.

Next battle is a clean sweep of all the delegates who voted for the MOU's. Time for new blood and brothers and sisters who stand for all and aren't in it to line their own pockets.