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— by 608 608
I do not remeber you calling Gerry Gausman out on the bullshit meetings, I do remember you getting caught in a lie when you tried to make yourself look good at the expense of others.
And no one thinks that you are doing anything at the meetings but campaigning.  
Didn't you say that you did not care if other members wished to speak, that you would shout them down to keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
Everyone knows that you are nothing but a self serving rat, you and Gerry have been jumping on every bandwagon for years.
And you have never answered the big question, why did you do nothing to fight the dissolution of local 608, do you honestly think that any ex608 member is going to vote for a guy who sold us out?
Didn't you ask to be on that stupid committee to help with the transfer of 608 members out of their local?
You are nothing but a loudmouth prick with no balls who likes to hear himself talk.
All you ever did was throw stones, you have no answers.