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Donny have you ever built anything I mean all we hear from you is bashing everything anyone is trying to do ,do you think the $4.25 paycut was for real I`m glad these guys finally stood up and got rid of it,they were promised full mobility at the last contract from your guy Mike Forde the one who your local backed blindly(yourself included)just because he was Irish,the contractors were not going to move on this should we strike during the worst times that some of us have seen in over 30yrs???What do you bring to the table it always seems like your bashing somebody do you have an answer????or do you have to wait till Joe Firth tells you what to say.....I am not happy with the contract but I also am not happy with the economy,I heard your speech at the rally you said and I am paraphasing we have some good guys who work at this council too, can you tell me who they are??? I would like to hear your opinion......Pete