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New contract-Give me a break.
— by Donny Arana Donny Arana
Lets not overlook the 20% pay cuts on res & hotel work 20 stories or less in manhatten and on all res & hotels no matter what size in the boros. This is a large part of our work. The first year will have no raise but the first year will enforce the 20% pay cut on a large part of our work. This may not seem like a big deal but it is huge, it will affect you immediately and you will say what the f and it will be to late by then . Dont become blinded by the 2 dollar pay raise in the second year-what happened to the first year and the 2.13 an hour that is owed to us from jan 1st??? Is it just to be forgotten???? I guess you really do think we are stupid???Full mobility hinges on the judges approval-(GIVE ME A BREAK) OUR REPS AND DELEGATES ARE SELL OUTS IF THEY APPROVE THIS-THEY SHOULD NOT LEAVE IT UP TO THE JUDGE HE IS NOT OUR REP OR DELEGATE- OUR REPS SHOULD NOT CONCIDER THIS(it should never make it to the judge for consideration if our reps are doing their job) ,IF IT PASSES THE JUDGE IS NOT TO BLAME OUR REPS NEGOTIATED THIS CONTRACT NOT THE JUDGE- AND IF OUR DELEGATES APPROVE IT THEY ARE TO BLAME NOT THE JUDGE< THE JUDGE IS NOT A UNION MAN OR WOMEN OUR REPS AND DELEGATES ARE AND GET PAID TO REPRESENT US> We arent that stupid and easy to fool anymore. Are reps and delegates will be held accountable-GET YOUR TOOL BELTS OUT OF THE GARAGE AND GO BUY SOME TOOLS UNLESS YOU CAN GET ALL THE RUST & CORROSION OFF THEM- you are in the process of failing the membership