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— by Ted Ted
Preliminary estimates for the BLUE CARD WAGE EXTORTION = $81,250,000 dollars before any make whole remedy, interest etc.

The Lawyers involved in the authoring of this illegal Language and the Trustees have at all times acted in "bad faith" - as they knew full well the BLUE CARD langauge to be illegal and that it constituted Hobbs Act Extortion...another words, more racketeering.

Carpenters taking cash is an entirely different subject and not part of the Blue Card issue.

As far as the language, the NLRA allows a Union Security clause under Sect. 8(a)(3). The only thing they can legally charge you for is - initiation fee and monthly dues.

Do not sign the BLUE CARD or a SKILLS FORM. Both items form an illegal individual contract. Both expired with the Contract expiration. When they bring out new Blue Cards or SKILLS FORMS for signature at LU Meetings, Jobsites, Apprentice School or anywhere else (mailings), burn not sign them!

If it were an attempt to simply update records, they could do that via letter, postcard, e-mail or a simple phone call. NO - This was a flat out attempt to coerce and decieve the rank & file to sign the illegal individual contract...the Blue Card .

The 2-primary lawyers involved in authoring this little scam and pushing it through the Court over the years, before a senile Judge Haight, know who they are & they know full well that the language on these cards and put forth via the contracts and the court was facially unlawful and would not pass muster in Labor Law 101 - Yet - they did it nevertheless. Before this is done, we'll be going after a few bar cards.