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— by Ted Ted
When a brother or sister falls, you pick them up!

A'hh, I see, so now we get to the source of your anger, 2-Questions aptly posed from your own hand, word and mouth....who helped me and when?

How about those who voted for you recently? How about this site and jawin who allow you to vent. How about those who have provided you with ample material for a positive and proactive campaign. How about Dennis Walsh and the forums or those who picked you up when you were wrongly beat down?

You are still living that day and your anger is directed at people instead of the issues - so instead of learning from it, you let hatred destroy you and now use that anger to try and destroy others. Your election campaign centered on negative attacks on all other candidates... you lost and yet you persist with the same tired, worn diatribe. That my friend is a recipe for disaster.

So the question is - will you rise above that hatred and anger or will you let it take you to an early grave? If anyone should recognize what happened to Mr. Brennan it should be you. The man was right from day one, spot on.

When the real enemy cannot attack the legal issues and the facts, they resort to attacking the man, his character, his reputation, his wife, his mother, the kids and the dog. This is the UBCJA's standard modus operandi as exemplified by McCarrons own mouth, in branding good men "deranged commies and loners" and otherwise seeing them to economic ruin. Divide & Conquer - right?

If you want to earn some respect and trust, go find him if he is under a bridge and pick the man up. Kicking a man when he is down puts you in the same stead as those who did it to you. You're better than that.