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Section 7 Voting Rights - Supreme Court
— by Ted Ted
"The declared purpose of the Wagner Act, as shown in its first section, is to encourage collective bargaining, and to protect the 'full freedom' of workers in the selection of bargaining representatives of their own choice. To this end Congress made it illegal for an employer to interfere with, restrain or coerce employees in selecting their representatives. Congress attached no conditions whatsoever to their freedom of choice in this respect. Their own best judgment, not that of someone else, was to be their guide. 'Full freedom' to choose an agent means freedom to pass upon that agent's qualifications."


OK - USAO, IRO - Name the case, name the year & name the Supreme Court Justice writing this in the majority opinion?

Contrast the above Supreme Court command relative to Rank & File Voting Rights under the NLRA, (which you are all presumed to know) to the "position below" written by UBCJA attorneys, per who's specific direction?