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To Dock Builders
— by Bill Lebo Bill Lebo
I have a few statements and questions .

 It is my understanding that when the last Executive board first took office the Dock Builders had $600,00 in the local. Since then they built it up to $3,000,000, is this true and if so shouldn't that be considered an exceptional job?

Also isn't it true the Dock Builders have a unemployment fund for members who are out of work or are injured, as well as insurance policies for members and isn't that taking care of the membership?

Why if the trustees were doing something under handed were all the expenditures documented with reciepts and turned in to the DOL in the LM-2 Reports?

It is my understanding that the membership  approved the questioned expenditures at LU meetings and that minutes show this , the problem seems to be that the expenditures were not itemized in the minutes but that not required by the UBC Corruptstitution, is this true?

Isn't it true the Dock Builders Reps policed their jurisdictions and protected their work like pitbulls ?

I'm sure I missed a few points but I'd like to hear from members of local 1456. Am I mistaken about these things, and are there any other points of intrest you can add?