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— by crusty crusty
Isn't this an issue that is being forced upon me after workig close to 30 years ? Why am I held hostage to not getting my healthcare if I dont want to participate in full mobility ? This is not what I signed up for and will not accept. Should I be penalized and not get my healthcare if I cant accept this type of union ? I worked and put in my time and am now getting screwed. If this gets thrown down my throat you will just have a carpenter who doesn't want to be there. I should be sent on my way with a buyout and then forman,company man,nycdc and myself will all be happy. The only thing that will happen with a proposal like this is the nycdc would be stopped from ripping a mam off who's put in his time. Even if all goes well with the union I will be retiring at the earliest possible moment. Over 55 and working in retirement is not for me & that will leave more work for the greedy pro full mobility man. Stay out of my pocket & work yourself to death for all I care. This is a win for all parties & you will be done with me forever.