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— by Bill Lebo Bill Lebo
Foreman... What is going to happen when a boss asks a worker to do something that violates the agreement or is out right illegal, such as working for cash, looking the other way when he has a laborer doing our work, or not calling in a job? Is that employee going to stand up and say no and risk the probability of getting fired when there is no way he/she will get employment anywhere else since the OWL will be rendered more useless then it is now? No, they will do what their told and buckle in to the boss. Full mobility doesn't just hurt the member who works off the OWL it hurts the "companymen" also by making them indentured servants to the contractor. A union should protect union members from abuse by the contractor, whether they are company employees or "hall men/women". This basically voids that possibility. Corruption will flourish under full mobility, and this hurts us all. I don't care what kinds of safe guards the government puts in place to stop corruption it will not work. The bad guys are always  looking for ways around the system and they usually find them, or they just basically do what they want and hope they don't get caught. That is just the thought train of the criminal mind. This isn't about company versus hall this is about what is good or bad for everyone.