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— by crusty crusty
The mentality is (as long as im working) & it is bad for the union. It's been a long time since guys checked jobs, folowed trucks and so on. Greedy buisness agents cut deals & didn't do a thing when guys called in jobs. This union has provided a good living for alot of families but there is too much I & not enough we. Being a union man gave me a sense of pride years ago that is no longer here today & will definitely not be here for the sons & daughters of todays members. It didn't help that our politicians turned a blind eye to our borders & let everyone under the sun in the country. Walking down the street I hear every language except english. All I can say is I hope all these greedy men have saved their money. In my opinion the company men have simply put the boss & a steady paycheck ahead of their fellow workers & principals. Everything in life has an expiration date and enough time has been used up trying to fix nycdc. If you want to stay in this trade it is time for carpenters who dont want to be part of this union to start a new one. Sometimes things cannot be saved and you must start anew. When and if a new union starts every member should be held accountable or you simply lose your card. This is just one mans opinion who has left the nycdc.