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— by Bill Lebo Bill Lebo
Donny I take offense at your comment that all "players" care about is EST elections. I consider myself a "player".  I don't believe anyone can say that about me or what I have been doing. I have at all turns opposed all the UBC's actions towards the membership. I have fought this mobility in the court, at meetings, in correspondence to Dennis Walsh, Judge Berman, the US Attorney, and the UBC. I have opposed illegal language and undemocratic language in the Bylaws, I have opposed the restructuring plan in it's entirety. I will continue to oppose anything that hurts our union and it's membership. And quite frankly I'm not the only "player" who has done these things. Just because you lose a battle doesn't mean you tuck tail and run, you brush yourself off and get up and fight. So I respectfully disagree with you.