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— by Bill Walsh Local 157 Bill Walsh Local 157
I apologize to all the council personnel who attempted to make the Brooklyn Bridge rally work. I just discovered that they only received notification about this rally on June 7th, and tried to put it together in a short time. Although, they could have gotten some information out last week with our job stewards, 90% of our membership didn’t even know of this important rally. It seems some unsavory slates were electioneering and took advantage to persuade members, instead of using this opportune moment to uniting our fragile union as one. Lets hope next time the Building Trades give all the trades enough time to mobilize its membership.
 If there is a lesson to be learned, our council must harness technology to correspond with the membership in a quicker way. Sometimes we might find the need to mobilize our numbers promptly to make future points relevant, as in rallies and organizing tactics. Thanks to the council representatives who tried to make this a successful event.  I support those who strive to make our union better for all our members. We need to pull together to prove to ourselves and the other trades, we are leaders and honorable workers! There is a time and place for everything; this was the time for solidarity, not Tee shirts, political banners and promotional handouts.