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I think the long banner you're talking about was by the New Direction Slate. Not to blame you for making the mistake because it was barely discernible and at kneecap level most of the way until it was tied to the second tier of scaffolding across from City Hall during a melee with the Fuzz over who owned the block. If you were at Cadman Plaza you might have noticed that Puglise has let himself go and now resembles a hippie. And Jerry Matthews gets points for choosing to wear his black Eastern District polo shirt for today's event. Whether or not the Carpenter's for Solidarity Slate are viable candidates they get high points for being the best rally squad all around. Even though their cardboard held high simply said "Carpenter's for Solidarity" it sent the right proud message to the other trades (who probably had no idea it was a campaign name,) especially when the District Council did apparently as little as possible today.