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Brooklyn Bridge rally!!
— by Bill Walsh Local 157 Bill Walsh Local 157
Thanks to all the Carpenters who attended today’s march over the Brooklyn Bridge! It felt like there are members who really are concerned about their union and how we merge with the other trades interests. I was disappointed at the way things were not prearranged. The Council must have known about this rally last week but did nothing to inform the membership of this important rally. All stewards could have notified at these “mandatory meetings” over the last week and when they dropped off their sheets at the council. A last minute, knee jerk response was only because they didn’t want to hear about not participating in this union event. The Councils eleventh-hour two foot by five foot banner was a disgrace. No real Local union representation, no tee shirts and a lackluster show of support from the unaware membership. Only the Millwrights’ did the right thing and showed up with their Local 740 banner and marched in unity. Once again, the Carpenters Union looked like a bunch of unorganized non participating group. I know that AFLCIO would love to have us back, but until our International leadership decides it is in everyone’s interest, we will watch from the sidelines.
We were the only trade at this rally with an internal political undertow that was embarrassing. This was not the forum for the self promoting slates but to show we were one union. If these slates and tickets were really genuine, they would have left the flyers, sign and rhetoric at home in the name of true solidarity. These competing tickets were more concerned about getting their tee shirts noticed and hanging banners. This rally was really all about, the middle class, all union uniting and not egos and elections. Many true colors were flown today but unfortunately, the council and the budding politicians really showed us theirs. Next rally lets have one union, united and show we are the honorable trade we are. I applaud all that showed up and look forward to upcoming union events!