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— by Friends of Bill Walsh for Vice President Friends of Bill Walsh for Vice President
I think its a disgrace that we are currently in negotiations with many of these same signatory contractors for our up-coming contract. These are the same owners that are trying to cut hard working carpenters pay and benefits saying they are "losing their shirts". This is more proof that these so called "good" contractors will do and say anything to make more of a profit. It's more proof that they really don't care about the working members of this great union. I hope our "trusteeship" negotiating team is taking this behavior into consideration while they give away our benefits and livelihoods. I would much rather see all members come from the out of work list and put the word "Brotherhood" back into our severely dissolving union. A more leaner, trimmed down union would suit the legitimate contractors who are honestly trying to get the job done with integrity and fairly distributed union labor. Its time for a new script with our unions work dispatches! 90% from the union and 10% from the company. I know many think this could never happen but it works for other unions and full mobility should be from the out of work list, not for the contractors. If our most important commodity the OWL, was replenished with all of our dues paying members our union would be stronger, more united and a viable source for the serious contractors out there.

The owners of six building-trade companies have been indicted for allegedly colluding with Lehr Construction execs in separate over-invoicing scams, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. announced yesterday. "Lehr would not have been able to operate its corrupt scheme without the participation of these subcontractors," he said. Charged with grand larceny are Godsell Construction's Arthur Godsell; JT Roselle Lighting's James Roselle; Liberty Contracting's George and Kevin Fotiadis; PJ Mechanical's James Pappas; Superior Acoustics' Kenneth McGuigan; and Sweeney & Harkin Carpentry's Michael Hayes. Lehr bigs allegedly struck deals in which the subcontractors would pad invoices, then kick back the difference by undercharging Lehr for future jobs.