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"Its benefits include more efficient economies of scale, stronger bargaining power, more effective political lobbying, and the elimination of corrupt locals.
CC4D & Cary-Kane did not author this, they were cc'd on it and told what to put into the phony letter by the UBCJA. Gee, wonder who is paying for their hourly billings?

5-26-11 NYCDCC Restructuring Plan, at II, pg.128, pg. 2 Exhibit "D" the Phil Newkirk - UBCJA "Chief of Staff"

same report by UBCJA Phil Newkirk (undated) at pg. 133, pg. 8 his report at:


     "The proposed LU restructuring plan is consistent with the UBC's national restructuring strategy, Moreover, it will achieve the UBC's objectoves of (1) creating more efficient economies of scale and more effective use of resources on behalf of the membership, and (2) creating specialty LU's that will better meet the needs of the industry and Union members with respect to training, productivity, and markets share expansion."

RD you called this one from day one.