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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
As Judge Conboy so aptly put it when addressing the court, "federal law makes
it clear that you cannot ask the rank and file to elect officers who have no power," U.S.A. v.
District Council, et ah, 90 Civ 5722, Transcript of Proceedings, May 16, 2011 at page 40, lines
24-25, and the Review Officer and the Court should not approve of it.

"so aptly put it" is not ass kissing, it is sarcasm. I don't believe you didn't pick up on the idea of using other people's words as an argument against them"

Its an interesting point Levi but I dont know if you can convince me its was not ass kissing when Kane also went out of his was to suck into Walshs desire to create a mega council while destroying the locals by quoting the First and Second Interim Report on how worthless the Locals are