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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
Delegate Cap
the number of delegates
should be proportional to the number of rank-and-file members in each local union

 Agreed but for me the point is mute since I dont believe that a delegate should be speaking for any member when it is a proven fact they are corrupted, paid mouthpieces for whatever UBC rat is in control. Prime example. The newly chartered locals have had the Delegates appointed by McCarron. They are the same delegates who sold out their own locals and who have declared "we dont work for the members we work for the council" Vote them out you say. Not us. They control the ballots and voting system. Their people are election chairs and when asked to produce the ballots before the election we were told to go f..ourselves. File with the DOL. We have and so have many others. It takes either publicity or appeals to Washington to get the DOL to act just to do their job. When they are forced the end result is they find some excuse to let the Union off the hook. Why you say. Because many of the Unions lawyers work for  ERISA,the Dol or are ex government employees. So what difference does it make how many delegates you have when they do exactly as they are told. While Walsh means well for him to tell you its ok he has removed the ability to corrupt the delegates he is full of crap to say the least..When he is gone the UBC will pervert everything he has done and it will be business as usual