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Glad you posted this before I did.Your not the cc4d your the cc4d and workers rights slate"correct??Our Firm Represents the Carpenters' Committee for Democracy and Workers' Rights.. So the workers right slates lawyer is Cary Kane( which we know is fact) and you have answered the question finally. Do the 560 members who signed the petition, many by coercion, realize that Cary Kane is claiming the 560 support the Workers Rights Slate. I would like to see any of the original applications that say Carpenters Committee For Democracy and Workers Rights. So I guess the cc4d did have a slate as was alleged and here it is.This is also I assume the Workers Rights Slate Platform. Members read carefully. Question. Did you notify the 560 members you claim to represent of this document and its content Did you get their permission to submit it before you submitted it to Walsh. If you did not you submitted a false document to the RO.Correct??

Let look at some of your highlights:

"The local unions are legal fictions without purpose or authority, and their existence
merely creates a layer of political bureaucracy between the rank-and-file members and the
leaders at the District Council which can only do one thing, foster corruption, because it insulates
District Council leadership and the functions of a labor organization from being fully
accountable to the members.
"Either (1) the Local Unions should be given real power and authority to function as labor
organizations; or (2) they should be eliminated entirely"

Of course you reveal your true desire for a council controlled mega Union here"Its benefits include more efficient economies of scale, stronger bargaining power, more effective political lobbying, and the elimination of corrupt locals. The most important benefit of a single union is that it will allow the members to
meaningfully participate in their union affairs."

I dont know who wrote this trash but it is pure noinesense in my humble opinion.. You already have a mega council and you have no rights now.There will be no direct involvement of the members .They will be boxed out and replaced by the Walsh Delusion of Super Delegates that do not exist..Just as McCarron and Conboy are asking for.All you will have when your done is the same BS situation only this time with no pesky locals to get in the way of your corrupt, McCarron controlled,mob infested council. The same policy of the UBC and McCarron.If you are allowed to pursue this agenda there will be NO direct involvement by the rank and file at all.Not even the few souls who do show up at meetings The recent appointment by the UBC of the Members to Serve on Advisory Negotiations Committee is a fine example. Hand picked woo haa's put in place by the UBC to satisfy the judge.Right under Walsh nose with no input from the rank and file.Your idea of "members meaningfully participate in their union affairs" is paid and bought delegates. Who wrote this Bullshit.
   You of course went out of your way to quote how worthless Walsh said Locals are in his First and Second Interim Report.And then your mouth piece says "As Judge Conboy so aptly put it" The same Conboy who with the UBC is trying to screw the members of New York and your lawyer is kissing his ass
So what we have determined is the the Workers Right Slate is the CC4D group. The same group who claimed they did not have a slate. The same group who passed out Petitions and called them applications so their lawyer could tell the judge he represented 300,then 500 and now 560 NYC City members. Funny how the members did not know this and were asking WTF. Of course the cc4d group would not answer. When the members who signed this questionable document asked who the ccd4 people where that were holding meetings and not telling them the group would not answer. Show us one emailing to the entire group notifying them of meetings. The excuse was the lawyers office only held 20 but the room had empty chairs at each meeting. As one of their supporters stated "The Cary Kane and the CC4D has been a total scam and all those guys need to disassociate from that mess. How could it be possible that not one single email was ever send to those who signed that paper? pathetic" Now it turns out they are a continuation of the CC4D and if they did not notify the 560 members before submitting this are still at the same game.
   These are the people running for the control of 157. God help you