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— by Levi Levi
    I, for one, am not pleased with the proposed bylaws put forth by the UBC and I'm not alone. But we can still hold our heads up because we are doing something about it. 560 rank and file carpenters have joined the Carpenters Committee for Democracy by signing the application starting back in December 2010 and they should all be proud to know that through the law firm Cary Kane LLP much work is being done regarding the issues we all agreed upon.
    Our draft bylaw rebuttal includes the following issues:
  1. Allocation of power and restructuring- The crux of our argument is to give local unions real power and authority or eliminate them.
  2. Delegate cap
  3. Negotiation and ratification of all collective bargaining agreements.
  4. Voting for dues
  5. Direct elections of all officers of the DC
  6. Checks and balances imposed on the Executive Secretary Treasurer
  7. The responsibilities and compensation of Executive Committee Members
  8. Trustees' authority
  9. Council employees as delegates
 10. Delegate and officer compensation
 11. Eligibility for office
 12. How to deal with officers who are indicted or convicted of crimes concerning the Union
 13. Monthly Delegate meetings
 14. Personnel Policy
 15. Bill of Rights
      This rebuttal was sent to Judge Berman, Dennis Walsh, Asst. U.S.Attorney Ben Torrence, Ken Conboy,Brian Quinn and Scott Weiss,Esq.
       If anybody wants more details, Ill do my best to provide them.