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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
As usual for a punk little bitch you have a big mouth behind your computer..

 As I have stated before you are not pulling me off subject to answer your ignorant stupid rants on locals. have told you many time I dont give a rats as on your opinion on the viability of locals.You have neither the IQ,the knowledge of the LMRDA,or the UBC Constitution to even ask these questions.The only one that does not see you for the morn you are is you.As I stated elsewhere even Herman Benson says your full of shit.

Answer a simple question.Why are you running for President of a local if you believe"What are the benefits to members of any local affiliated with the NYCDCC of belonging to that local? " I have always said you were a council rat who supported McCarona and Spencers position and with each post you prove it further.If by some chance the members are ignorant enough to vote you in than you will finish off 1157 for McCarron.
    You have done nothing but run your mouth on issues you have no knowledge off such as the Pro tem issues. You with 5 years in the Union claimed to be better than any Carpenter on the list and declared everybody on the out of work list unskilled and scum. You could not carry their tools you slug.You were part of the April butcher of the 157 meetings and partly responsible for the May nomination fiasco by you BS and actions.

 Your slate is not members rights with you on it.. It is about selling out the local to a corrupt council and the UBC. it is about you supporting McCarron and the is about you being an ignorant little prick and running for President.

 Answer the Question. Is Cary Kane the lawyer for your slate. Why does your group fear answering that question..

 In regards to 370. We fight everyday and do what we can to answer what Mccarron did to us. What he did is make us "you" which you supported all along.We were not under the complete yoke of a corrupt council system. We are now.Unlike you who has the IQ of a gnat I can multitask. I cant work on what is gong on with us and still expose a scum bag like you who is running for President of a local you despise and will sell out the members to McCarron.The UBC has the power to do what they did to us because of rat scum bags like you who sell us out to the UBC for reward. We have a new 291 eboard of McCarron rats who were rewarded for selling out 370 with Officer positions. Tell me dirt bag what will you get when you hand over 157