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— by Pete Corrigan Pete Corrigan
our locals are like this because of the consent decree that was signed 17 years ago which in effect led to the destruction of the shape hall, which then started to take the power out of the locals hands. walsh doesnt want to give the locals power! he has said this in his reports, i have never said that i want get rid of the locals and make everyone be pushed into the council. I WANT THE LOCAL TO HAVE Power i want 157 to have power and have buisness agents that are loyal to that local and its jurisdiction, i think that, that system is watched properly is the best way to run our union. you have bent an twisted what ive said saying i support mccarron and spencer, i dont like them i cant stand them i think they were all in bed with Joe Oliveri who was a mobster, both of those guys are dirty and dont care about me you or anyone else! i or nor anyone im associated with is a UBC puppet, what the UBC has done coast to coast is a disgrace. UBC cares about nothing but $$$$$$$$$$$. to reiterate i am for strong and powerful locals.