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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
This has everything to do with Locals and the agenda of Pat Nee to sell them out to the UBC. Your right I dont like Pat Nee because he supports the UBCs rape of the membership as well as the fact that he is a loud mouth bitch who hides behind his keyboard and has worked diligently to discourage and members fight against the UBC corruption and has worked diligently to support to McCarron and the UBC. Whats not to love?? If you support Nee and his slates agenda to sell out Local 157  than you are no friend to the membership either. Perhaps thats why you hide your identity as well. Pat Nees actions and posts speak for themselves. If making sure the membership sees them and is reminded of them is Bashing Nee than so be it I will bash away rather than have this scourge of the rank and file elected so he can facilitate McCarron and Spencers final destruction of the Locals and 157.Post your name so we can remember you after you support Nee into to office and he hands 157 over to the scum bag McCarron and the UBC. You share in his guilt and are responsible for his actions. Pat Nee has never wavered on his disdained for the locals and his desire to see to it they are handed over to a corrupt council controlled by Spencer and McCarron and now as a candidate has confimed his intentions and it seems the intentions of the workers rights slate. Instead of proving my allegations about Nee wrong and proving they are not true you come here and cry abut me exposing Nee. Post your name and prove what I say about Nee is not true or shut up and move on. By the way why are you posting as 608. It does not exist anymore. Is it a reflection of why you support Nee.
If you are on the slate then you Answer the question. Is Kary Kane the lawyer for the workers rights slate??