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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
We certainly dont put you in control of anything. You who have supported the UBC rape and burn policy of our Locals and rank and file since you showed up.The answer is not to further complete the destruction of pour locals and give 157 over to the UBC. The answer is to take advantage of Walsh recent members rights speech he obviously does not believe in and hold it over his head to reinforce and strengthen whats left of our locals so they may operate in a corrupt council system as independent as possible. Walshs dreams of a corruption free Council are not yet realized and as long as he refuses to bring Spencer,MCarron and the UBC to justice they never will be. When Walsh is gone these assclowns will do away with all his policy's and continue their march to destruction of the UBC. They. The same way will open the door to corruption in the NY Council just like they always have. Just like they are dong now in the rest of the US outside the consent decree. This is what you want to hand Local 157 over to just as you have always advocated. Thank you for showing the rank and file that the workers rights slate advocates the destruction of 157 and the support of the McCarron policys. They are the UBC Slate