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                                               - CONCLUSION -

Consider a day just a few months away. There will be a meeting of delegates to the District Council. A president will be presiding under the gaze of an executive secretary treasurer not yet sure whom he can trust, as well as a hundred men and woman who would be them of fate allowed.

Propositions great and slight will be debated and the decisions made will touch thousands of members and their families. There will be no shortage of participants in that meeting who posess the qualities of energy, initiative and independence of mind; imagination too, and a few will have keen vision.

Some who posess these qualities may also be consumed by greed and envy and by no means be able to control the course of their abject passions.

In order for this Union to survive and prosper - in order for the fundamental rights, wages, pensions checks and health coverage of those thousands of members across the region or retired to distant states to be secure - those afflicted by such base characteristics must be held in check; and those who are not so burdened must have a means to flourish and lead those who are only fit to be lead.

The system must insure that it be so. This is the challenge.


June 3, 2011

Review Officer Dennis Walsh