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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
Am I hearing Walsh giving a sob story on the treatment of Spencer at the meeting.Spencer got exactly what he deserved and earned The same Spencer who forced illegal assessments with the blue card and is still stealing the money to this day. The same Spencer who refused to give information or answer to the membership and basically told members to go f.. themselves an he did not have to answer to any local. The same Spencer who with McCarron supported Forde and his corrupt regime and has had two Councils in supervision for corruption.

Walsh says those who speak on future of Unionism or the NY Council should listen to and have the facts. Well here is a fact jack. The same Spencer your giving the bob hoo for and telling the Judge was disrespected is the same Spencer who has conspired with the UBC to deny and refuse the members the so called facts for years until you came along and now he is pretending to answer the members.I notice you have not included any of that in the report. Boo Hoo Spencer .This same Spencer hand picked most of the people you have vetoed and who have resigned,quit or been charged.This same Spencer took the Eastern District ESTs to Hawaii at the cost of $10,000 per couple just for First Class airfare alone. The rest cost the UBC over $250,000. When will you give Spencer the same investigation you gave 1456.Is this a joke