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An Observation By Dennis Walsh
— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
An Observation
I have had expressed to me by some members great antipathy towards the UBC,which they believe is secretive and dictatorial. Alternatively, I witnessed first-hand theraucous and discourteous reception given to Frank Spencer by members of Local 157 atthe January meeting of the local (the first to include the former members of Local Union608, which was dissolved by the General President McCarron on corruption grounds inDecember) when he attempted to address members and present information to themregarding the formation of Local 395 and the condition of the Benefit Funds. Those whoare blind with anger will not recognize the heavy responsibility of fiduciaries to shepherdthe interests of so many dependents. Those who do not report the view from themountain top have climbed for naught.To the extent that there are “sides,” both (or all) could do better to understand thepositions of others. From the beginning of my tenure, I have urged complacent membersto surmount apathy and participate in the affairs of the Union. I grow increasinglypessimistic that such improvement in affairs is indeed possible. Whether one supports ordecries the policies and programs of the UBC, failing to seek information and participatein union affairs and meetings is an abdication of responsibility. Even then, everyone whoparticipates in the debate about the future of the labor movement and the District Councilmust be armed with facts and listen to what others have to say. Those who decline to soparticipate and act responsibly will have ceded their right to lament any particular outcome.