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Hey richard did i just read that you called company men suck asses? A good union member performs his duty above and beyond, give an HONEST DAYS WORK FOR AN HONEST DAYS pay and there to be considered suck asses? I for one have been in the union over ten years and have been out of work about a two months in ten years but i shouldnt be a "suck ass" because i can hold my job and some others cant. Maybe members should apply themselves more to there trade and apply less time in the porta potty making phone calls and playing pocket poll. I for one im not a 157 member but i see people running for positions calling company men suck asses and then i see cute little nick names for other members in other parties and i can honestly say thank god im not in this crap local because i wouldnt vote for you or someone called cigars or someone whos been in a local for 5 years. WAKE UP GUYS BECAUSE DAY IN DAY OUT ON THIS WEBSITE YOU SOUND MORE AND MORE LIKE A BUNCH OF MORONS AND HOOLIGANS