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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
Also lets not forget how many times Nee has called the very members he wants to represent scum bags and unskilled losers if they were on the out of work list. He declared he was a company man and anybody went out off the list could not do their job and were unskilled and should be thrown out of the Union just for being on the list. He declared how great he was as a carpenter and they were all scum and now we find out he has been in the Union for 5 years. Now what a crock of shit and another of his BS lies it turns out to be.He claimed he could out work them all and he was the best and they all sucked.

This is your candidate for President. Dissolve all the locals.Throw out anybody who is not a company suck ass or on the out of work list.Calls his fellow brothers and sister unskilled losers for being unemployed.Wants to turn the rank and file over to the corrupt councils.Has no knowledge of the constitution. Defrauded the membership at the 157 meetings.Yes sir good choice..

 Tell me will he call them scum bags for being on the out of work list as their president.