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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
So your posting as American above as well as yourself. I am curious. How can you say your candidate for President has been and will. fight back when he has spent over a year on this blog trying to discourage any member who was fighting against McCarron,Spencer or the UBC. How can you choose Nee as a candidate for President when he declared "One carpenter in New York argues on the internet that all local unions in the Carpenters District Council should be abolished" "so he concludes, it is pointless and misleading to continue the fiction that locals still have any meaningful role". How can he now run for President when he not only shares McCarron and the UBC desire to dissolve the locals he favors putting the rank and file under the corrupt council system. This is your candidate for President??

    When ccd4 was formed and having meetings rank and file members, who already were wondering what the hell was up with the Petition/application fiasco, were asking who the leaders of ccd4 were. Nee remained silent and refused to tell the rank and file he was in cc4d up to his neck. So much for transparency.
How about the fiasco he created with the Pro Tem issue at 157. He ran his mouth on the Pro tem issue telling everybody he was right in his interpretation when as it turns out he was full of ...Will you have him advise you on constitutional issues as President. The result of his ignorance was that you almost did not have an election because he hamstrung the legally appointed Pro Tem VP Gausman and the notices almost did not get sent out. How do you explain the illegal elections BS he was a part of at the April 157 meeting that he was a part of and took place because he ran his mouth on Pro tem and did not have a clue. When he was pulling all this crap, which was defrauding the membership by the way, he was calling everybody else stupid and ignorant when in fact it turns out he was completely full of .... Is this your leader for 157.I am astounded that Tom McGonnigle would take a backseat to this clown or even put his name on a slate with him.

  So somebody who wants to abolish all the locals is your slates candidate for President. Somebody who can barley read the constitution let alone interpret it and use it to run 157 and protect your members.Tell me will you be responsible when he helps McCarron finish off Local 157.

 Let me ask you a question. Does the law office of Kary Kane represent your slate in any way??