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Levi..I am curious can Pat Nee not speak for himself or are you the designated white night for your slate or perhaps his mom.I have not yet begun to express my disbelief that this person is running for dog catcher let alone President of 157. I would appreciate if you let Nee speak for himself and basically mind your own business. No disrespect intended. We have a right to our opinion on Pat Nee without you lecturing us or butting in on every single post. That being said Mr. Nee is this a joke??Your running for President of a Local when you want all locals dissolved

 This is in response to PAT NEEs efforts to support the UBC and McCarrons position of wiping out all locals and handing the of the locals control over to a corrupt council. The same Pat Nee running for President of 157
 "One carpenter in New York argues on the internet that all local unions in the Carpenters District Council should be abolished because the reorganization of the international union under International President Douglas McCarron has already squeezed all life out of them. As he says, with justification, local unions have been deprived of almost every autonomous right and have no effective constitutionally means of affecting what happens in the union, not even in their own assigned jurisdiction and certainly not in the district. And so he concludes, it is pointless and misleading to continue the fiction that locals still have any meaningful role."

But what is the response to Pat Nees work to support the UBC and McCarron
"But while he describes the facts accurately, his conclusion would make matters worse. Precisely because the international has become so egregiously authoritarian, locals' unions, even in their eviscerated state, have become the only arena left where rank and filers can easily assemble to discuss union affairs, express dissatisfaction, and even just let off steam. Members have lost the right to act through their locals in collective bargaining; but so far, they retain at least the right to talk.

"And so he concludes It is pointless and misleading to continue the fiction that locals still have any meaningful role." Yet he is running for President of 157. Why . Is it so under his control the UBC can smoothly with his support finish off 157. Can I get a free sticker