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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
You did not just ask a question Billy. What you did was to post a bunch of lies and then try and call them questions.  If you must know, I joined the union in 1998. I transferred to 608 because I wanted to, it took me two years to get a transfer.
I have never manipulated the OWL, I do not need to,  
I never worked for on par, as yourself and Bill Lebo are trying to claim, I have never met Murray, never mind being a friend of his. Everything you posted were lies.  
I am   running for President  because I think I can make a difference. I honestly have no idea as to why you are running.
Everyone knows  that Dennis Walsh is vetting all of the candidates, all the idiotic shit would never have gotten past Walsh if there were any truth in it.  
Now I would appreciate it if you and Bill Lebo could ease up on the lies and if you feel that either of you can challenge me on the real issues, please feel free to try.  
but if all you two want to do is to spread more lies, then I have no use for either of you.