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— by Olga Aguilar Olga Aguilar
Billy did you asked all the candidates about their work history and asked them to show YOU their tax returns?  Do you think it's fair to tried someone on Blog157 or Jawin without divulging where you are getting your information?  I think at this point if you want to win any union position you can expect to go through a vigorous vetting process that may or may not include a cavity search.  Why do you think it's ok to single out one candidate? perhaps because you are running for the same position?  If you want to help the local by exposing a bad guy, why wouldn't you do this line of public questioning to all candidates?

There are many members that once worked non-union and then later joined the union.  Not everyone comes into the union as an apprentice when they are 18 years old. "was he working as a scab prior to that. did he ever work on a union job prior to membership. did he ever cross a union picket line prior to membership?" You cannot be serious with this?  Is there something in the bylaws or constitution that a former non-union carpenter CANNOT participate in our union?  That would really hurt the cause if we want to turn over non-union jobs and can only guarantee second class membership.

You are such a stickler for the rules, the rules set forward in the constitution NOT GOOD ENOUGH for you?  If a member meets all the requirements set forward and the winners are thoroughly vetted not enough for you as a member?