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When are you going to post the letter from Walsh vetoing you Billy? The one which explains why Walsh decided that one half of the "honorable" Independent Slate was unfit to run for office? Don't you think you should deal with that? I mean you keep saying that you have nothing to hide and that you will answer all questions, So where is the letter from Walsh vetoing you.
The fact that you were vetoed also raises some concerns as to your history.
Could you please post your work history, please include some details on how you got each job, and also why it was that you came to be laid off from each job. Please list all the sites where you worked for any contractor during the time you worked for them.
Also, if you could please make available your tax records for the last ten years, please remember to black out your social security number.
And could you explain why I am hearing that you bought your place on the apprenticeship?
You have admitted to having a history of alcohol abuse, could you give some details?
Did you ever go to work under the influence?
Did you ever drink on the job?
Did anyone ever get hurt as a result of your addiction?
Did you ever compromise your duties as a steward because of your addiction?
How many times have you relapsed?
Was there ever a situation where someone told you that they would report you to the council for being an alcoholic if you did not do what they wanted?
Is there anything else in your history that the members should know?