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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
Try adding up the time necessary to fulfill all the duties of an executive delegate.
They will be negotiating all contracts, so how many days are you going to miss work doing that?
Two Executive delegate meetings and two delegate meetings every month.
Come up with and implement an effective shop stewards review, and police the stewards? How long will that take?  
How many cases a month would you have to look into? And make reports. And make the two reports for the delegate body every month.
There are not enough hours in the day to do all that has been given to the executive delegates and hold down a job.  
So I guess that these positions are expected to be filled by council employees,  but the time constraints are still there . Are they going to use vacation days to negotiate contracts? Or is the executive delegate position going to be salaried?
This looks to me like the UBC set it up so that only council employees could be Executive delegates, but if the Council is going to allow their employees to do something other than what they were hired to do during their normal work hours, then this is just another case of smoke and mirrors.  
If you are so interested in “saving” this union, start looking at things realistically and stop the bullshit. The duties given to the executive delegates would be sufficient to make it a full time job. So if it is not salaried, how are the Executive delegates supporting themselves?