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— by Pat Nee Pat Nee

Get a life William, your fascination with me is bordering on psychotic.  
You are discrediting yourself with your lies and smear campaign. No one needs to hear your crap right now, there is enough shit to deal with already.
Why don’t you cut the shit and try and think of something constructive to occupy yourself, are you even aware that you posted that you are upset that the Review Officer will not accept bullshit conspiracy theories from you as evidence against anyone?
You know as well as anyone that the Review Officer was going vet all candidates, your smear campaign was never intended to bring any facts to light, you did this simply to try and further yourself at my expense, because you have nothing to offer.
And no, I am not taking it too personally as you suggested prior to the Review Officers forum, it is not just politics, your attacks are reprehensible and very personal.  
I now understand why you got the crap kicked out of you, you are a loudmouth, ignorant, boorish moron who craves any kind of attention.