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— by Levi Levi
   Yes Pat Nee has been in the union 5 years. He was  member of 926 until 2010. He is a common rank and file member who has spent his time and effort standing up for our rights. I have worked with him and have been impressed by his knowledge of union matters as well as his fortitude for standing up to authority. He will not back down in this fight. You must have seen him at a meeting or the RO forum or in court if you're an active member. Pat Nee is a leader with integrity and intelligence no matter how long he's been here. I've been here 15 years and I endorse him.
   Pete Corrigan has been a member for 6 years and has also been on the front line of our fight since our UBC supervisors have aggressively began their campaign to take away our rights.
   Matt Seabury has a background of higher education and practical financial employment that we believe qualifies him for his position. I will get back to you on his tenure in the local.
   John Defalco is our only 157 original for two reasons. First, because we were 608, most of the active and informed people we know are also from 608. Secondly, possibly we were 608 it was difficult to get 157 people on board. Even our VP candidate, Tom McGonnigle, was willing to stand aside for a viable 157 original. One of our goals is to bring together the two factions. We are looking forward to Delegate elections later this year and hope to have a Delegate Body that represents everybody in this local. We understand the meaning of brotherhood and how important it is to be inclusive and diverse.