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If you didn't know
— by Pat Nee Pat Nee
Anyone trying to claim that they do not know what I am about has not been at a meeting in a long time and has not ever been on this blog before.
I am committed to members having a voice in this union.  
I am opposed to local 395.
I am opposed to council employees being delegates.
I believe the the NYC OWL should be for NYCDCC members only.
I am opposed to the cap on delegates.  
I am opposed to the notion that there is any benefit to having an Omni potent EST.
I believe that members should ratify their contracts and I will put forward a slate of delegates who will agree to bring the contracts to the membership of local 157 prior to any vote on those contracts, so the members can vote on the contracts.  These delegates will agree to vote as a bloc  to support or reject the contracts based on the local members vote.
This slate will push for contract ratification and council dues increases to be decided on a local level.
I think that the local has to become more pro active in court, if the locals are to regain any powers, it is going to happen in the courts.
I have been saying all of this long before these elections, and so I think that anyone who knows me already knows that any slate I am on is going to be composed of members who have similar views.
I made a motion which carried at the Febuary meeting to have the local hire legal representation to represent us in court. Five months later we still have none.
The UBC spent over five million dollars of our money on lawyers in the last year, and there is not a single lawyer employed by the UBC looking out for our rights in the court room.  We need to have someone in that court room who can say to the Judge that they represent local 157 in this matter and that those members want their union back.
If you have any questions you would like to ask me, I will be at Jack Dempsey’s on Thursday from 4pm on to answer any questions or you can ask me at the Review Officers forum on Monday night, or just ask anyone who regularly attends meetings who is not a candidate for office what I am about. Hell ask Davenport, he has had to create a fictional biography for me just to be able to attack me because he wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of holding up his end of any discussion with me on any issue related to this union and he knows it.