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— by Donny Arana Donny Arana
It is obvious they want delegates to the district council to be paid employees of the dc as well,this is clearly important to them so they can be easily influenced. They wont even have to influence or pressure them because they will be getting paid handsomely and wont vote against or for anything that will jeopardize or affect their paid position or the structure that keeps them in position. To argue if 50% of the delegates should be allowed to be employees of the dc or if they were employees before a certain date they wont count towards the 50% is ridiculous and wrong.If you agree that a delegate to the district council that is also a paid employee to the district council is a conflict of interest then no % is acceptable .This is very simple math. Do not be sidetracked on this issue. Don't let them sneak this one pass you.their stratergy is very clear to me. This is and will be a major issue in the future if not addressed and the rank and file will never truly have a chance to run the nycdcc if this is passed. Our only chance is to let dennis walsh know this,If you agree post this,Mr Walsh reads this site.