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— by Ted Ted
Rich - the central governing body langauge negates the NLRA & all Local's Autonomy on one fell swoop - RO Walsh should be keenly aware of this fact, however by his publication w/o comment attached, w/o reference to known law(s) & precedent case-law he's ceded all control to Doug & pretty much voided the purpose of the consent decree....the elimination of corruption.

Walsh has given his Stamp of Approval to it, not prevented it. He should be removed as the RO by Judge Berman.

The 2-Prong & primary purpose of CV 90 (5722) is this:

Restoration of Democratic Principles & Elimination of Corruption

By Publishing this pile of crap, with his tacit approval via lack of commentary, no line item vetoes etc, no citations to case-law showing where & why the UBC is wrong.....Walsh failed the Test. He is afterall the so-called "Lead Attorney" assigned by the Court to preserve members rights & enforce compliance with the Consent Decree.

Anyone ever say Yes to Doug? Anyone ever say No to Doug? - quote: Ted Kennedy @ 2005 UBC Convention.....seems to me Walsh says - yes Doug.