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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
 Perhaps you should go over to the UBC Constitution,The LMRDA and the DOL rules and show how the sections of these bylaws violate each and have the UBC and RO answer how they can propose bylaws that do. Since the UBC cannot approve any bylaw that conflicts with the UBC Constitution how can they even submit these for discussion.
Lets start here"This Council shall be the central governing body over and shall have legislative and executive powers on all matters relating to the general interest and welfare of affiliated Local Unions and their members"
The UBC Constitution does not allow the Council to make bylaws to be imposed on the Locals and cannot produce a single section of the UBC Constitution that says it can despite being asked to do so. Further Section 25B says each local shall have the power to  make and be governed by its own bylaws so this part is out unless somebody declares the NYC Council and Locals outside the powers and bylaws of the UBC Constitution.
             Further the Secretary of Labor in Harrington-v-Chao has declared for the record the Councils have no such power.