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— by Ted Ted
Thanks John....this draft copied direct to WORD is 24 pages.

It can easily be reduced to less than half that. The Council & International's Attorneys need to learn to use spell check - seriously poor grammar. Very Poor Doc overall as far as the Legal Requirements go and the UBC Internationals known penchant for ignoring laws & precedent caselaw, willfully & wantonly as it suits their needs & their greed.

This is the exact type language used in NERCC & all other Regional Councils, less the references to the Consent Decree.

NOTE: The entire Document "turns" on once approved, all "Local positions cease to exist".....I don't think so, this battle has only just begun....maybe we can humm a few bars for Doug & Conman Conboy & Judge Berman & RO Walsh. Fuck, I can't sing - so we'll have to reduce it to writing.

See you in Court Doug.

Bring Mini-Me (RNT) that would be a hoot....6'7" & 5'2"....who has the bigger ego, who's the best Dictator & deranged commie between them...too close to call perhaps.