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— by Tom McGuire Tom McGuire
Levi, hes only in the minority because our DC is loaded with out of towners, plain and simple. There was a time in the not distant past wherein NYC residents were almost locked out of the NYDCC and it was full of out of towners. The only reason they ever opened the books to the public was to appease the govt and thats a fact. You people from other places think my city owes you something. Well it and we don't owe you jack shit. Get out of my city and join where you live. Or would that harm you? Perhaps like having all you foreigners working here harms all NYC residents. Where do you pay your mortgage? Taxes? Tuition? Go work where you live. Once money leaves NYC it NEVER comes back as can be seen in the tax disparity paid to the state by NYC residents. The NYC worker gets fucked by you suburbanites at every turn and you think we shouldn't be pissed at you? Go build the local where you live and be a good union man. Thats what a good union man does, he builds it up where he lives. Otherwise what exactly are you doing Levi that makes you a good union man as opposed to Al? Hes not a good man because he disagrees with you? What a crock of shit you spew. You talk out of both sides of your mouth Levi. Bklyn and Al have the right idea, but who has the money for jackass lawyers? I didn't know we all had to agree with you to be good union men. Just like all the rest, either agree with me or you're scum. What a crock. That was mikey frauds deal, so are you like him? And like some employers? Only one right way to do things?