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before i took a union card  at the time i was working on long island at the time i didnt realize how prejudice l.i was against city people.  now at that time i wouldnt take a union card i just didnt want to be part of the union thats all. now three times this happen. l.u 7 would approach me and give me that b.s live better if you work union speech. so after being approached for the 20th time about union i finally said ok ill sign up union.the guy opens his book and ask where i live,i say queens his face turns white and he tells me oh i should go and join the city local turns his back on me and walks away.this happen three times three different ba`s. now everytime one of these ba`s came on a job they would approach everyone but me. you want to be in a city local move to the city till then city work should go to city people first i only want to practice what l.i and nj practice

ever notice the gun accidents that happen in the city with the cops where they grew up and live

suffolk county police dept is advertising for new cops from the city.reason ?? they are selling the test