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— by Rev Al Rev Al
Its quite clear that people who moved away from 5 boroughs years ago did so only because there was cheap fuel. The days of cheap fuel are over & nearby out of towners are suffering because their homes will see no more gains, just ongoing losses. Nassau was taken over, NJ is a tax nightmare & PA has been a dead asset for years. Suffolk county cops salaries are beyond belief & schools in the suburbs have more gangs than nyc. Here is a Rev AL prediction, NJ could possibly default & others follow. Tolls are soon being set up on east river crossings because of you leaches. The days of cheap fuel are over & soon your time will be up at nycdcc also. One thing is for sure , the joy of living away from the 5 boroughs has now turned into a nightmare. We were so happy when mostly white trash moved out of the 5 boroughs but we were hoping the new out of towners would stay there. When gas goes to 6 $$$ let me know how thats working for ya. Live & work where you are & stop leaching off the 5 borough taxpayer.